M/S Karingo

Lobster fishing
A magnificent fishing trip with what we hope will be a successful catch. You are welcome to buy the catch after the trip.
Price SEK 600 per person
(6 - 10 persons, app. 1 hour)
Pickup Hällevikstrand
A pleasant trip past Gullholmen and then on to Käringön. Baguette & Coffee or soft drink/beer are served during the trip.
Price 250 per person
(6 - 10 persons, app. 1 hour)
Taxi boat
From the mainland or to the mainland
Weekdays 08 AM - 06 PM, hereafter +50%
Price SEK 500 up to 4 persons
SEK 100 per additional person
Prices are inclusive VAT

For enquiries and reservations call or email Camilla
Camilla Hofsten cell +46 (0)736-344941 or

Reservation restrictions: For valid reservations 20% of the total cost will be debited directly when the invoice is forwarded. The remainder shall be paid in person via credit/debit card/cash or by invoice in advance. In case of cancellation the 20% reservation charge is not refundable and if cancellation takes place later than 48 hours prior to the reserved date full prices apply.
Reserved charters may be cancelled due to bad weather, mechanical fault/technical fault. In such event a full refund will be made.
Damages: In the event anything is damaged or broken through any fault of your own then you shall be liable for all reparation costs. Notify us immediately for any eventual repairs.